Mission: To coordinate, manage and consolidate the comprehensive water quality monitoring, information and educational programs in Grand County, Colorado.

Vision (Where we want to be in 1-3 years):
1.  Database is kept up to date, within 1 month of receipt.
2.  Data is easily accessed, given to, and understood by our members.
3.  Membership is increased until all with water rights or who have a vested interest in water issues are involved.
4.  Sustainable funding supports our staff and administration.

Values (Standards that drive our behavior):

1.  Our product will meet the needs that our members have trusted us to deliver.
2.  Our people (Board, Staff, and members) are our greatest asset. We support each other and treat each other with respect.  We   promote cooperation among our stakeholders.
3.  We will do right – the data we represent shall not misrepresent itself. The data origin is transparent and is checked to the best of our ability.
4.  We will maintain a position of neutrality on water issues. 
5.  Our procedures will be data-centric and scientifically sound.


Objectives (What we want to achieve):
1. Maintain and ensure that the monitoring program is watershed-based, scientifically sound, and meets member needs.
2.  Work collaboratively to collect and manage water quality data from other entities.
3.  Maintain an updated and centralized database.
4.  Data is analyzed and made available to those who need it.
5.  Fund and implement for growth.
6.  Perform education and outreach activities to those who need it.

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